Updating the content of a site

Let's start with a simple web page that we will update the content of.

Now this page has some out dated content in the upcoming events area. We will update this area using Dreamweaver. First we open up Dreamweaver and then select File, and then Open. You then selec the file that you want to modify.

We now delete the areas of the text that we want change and insert the new text that we want on the site.

We can make changes to the text by highlighting the text and making changes to the options in the properties in the bottom toolbar. We will increase the size and boldness of the heading "Upcoming events and promotions".

We then choose the format of Heading 3 and then chose the bold option to get the effect we want.

We have now just updated the content of our website. Now we can insert pictures, change links, or edit the design.