FileZilla Upload/Download Instructions

If you do not have FileZilla, you can download it from

1. Open FileZilla
2. Once the program is open, click the Site Manager button (shown below). This will allow you to create a new connection and begin uploading or downloading files.

3. Now that the Site Manage is open, we can get started on setting up the connection. Let's start by clicking "New Site". This will bring up another window for us to enter some connection information.

4. This window contains all of the settings we need for using FTP. The connection name (left) is a name to describe this connection. You may enter anything you would like in this field. The "Host", "User", and "Password" have been provided to your by your account manger. NOTE: Your connection settings are going to be different than what is shown below. The red boxes show which fields you will need to customize for your organization. Be sure to click on "Normal" under "Logontype". This will allow for you to enter a username and password.

5. Once you are finished entering connection information, click "Connect" (shown below).

6. Congradulations! We are now connected. To upload information, navigate to the files you would like to send on the left side. Upload the file by clicking and dragging it from the left window to the right window. The motion is shown by the arrow below. To download the file, the reverse is done. Click and drag files from the right side into the left side.

7. When you are finished uploading and downloading files, you may close the connection by pressing the "Disconnect from Srver" button (shown below). You may now close the program by clicking the "X" in the top right corner of the window.